About Us

Historical Background

CONGENERATE SOLUTIONS is a collaboration that was born in the province of Quebec, Canada.  In 2006, the Quebec Cardiovascular Research Network, funded by the provincial Ministry of Health (FRSQ), prioritized congenital heart disease among a handful of themes to develop and support.  This prompted the establishment of an Alliance for Congenital QUebec Interinstitutional REsearch (ACQUIRE).  ACQUIRE endorsed the creation of a comprehensive province-wide database for CHD.

In 2008, a collaboration agreement to develop the CONGENERATE software was signed between the McGill Adult Unit for Congenital Heart Disease (MAUDE Unit; McGill University), the Collaborative Research for Effective Diagnostics (CRED) Group (University of Sherbrooke), and the Montreal Heart Institute Adult Congenital Heart Centre (University of Montreal).

In conceiving the  CONGENERATE software, the starting point was to build upon and integrate software developed by the MAUDE unit into the PIERCE informatics platform pioneered by CRED.  The Montreal Heart Institute received funding through the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) and Canada Research Chair program to support the development of a multicenter ACHD database.